Farewell by 3R2

Gintaras Alfredo Ertiz-Aiza NAME
Any Pronouns PRONOUNS
Nonbinary GENDER
Questioning SEXUALITY
May 06 (11 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Traveler | Cat (Class) OCCUPATION
4'6 (138 cm) HEIGHT


Gin’s a complete scaredy-cat, and doesn’t do well at all in any social situation and especially around new people. He finds it hard to say no to just about anyone and is just a complete anxious wreck. You’ll probably see them in the corner of the room at a party, if they even show up at all in the first place.

They're very perceptive of how people are feeling and is always keeping a distance for her own safety. However if you get him to warm up to you, you’ll find that he’s an incredibly sweet kid and very genuinely polite to you instead of the forced kindness she puts up for strangers. They tend to get very rambly around those that they trust, particularly about cats and the world’s history. They do find it irritating though when their awkwardness and general anxiousness is reduced to being shy or cute though, and surprisingly they hold a sharp tongue at times.


She is a very sweet person once you get to know her, and makes a really calm and soothing presence. They also listen very well, maybe too well even past just listening when spoken to and into eavesdropping territory. An awareness of their surroundings allows him to adapt pretty well to certain situations. If not anything else, their cautiousness and wariness towards the world affects their behavior the most for better or worse. Being cautious technically keeps her safe from suspicious things, but they're too cautious that it can backfire when important decisions must be made. He's an overthinker to the max. Gintaras is extremely closed in and hesitant to offers and people when faced with them for the first time, and while they are capable of warming up at some point, it can still be a hassle getting him out of his built up walls. When he messes up he relapses into his avoidant habits too, it takes much time to get her to make reasonable sense of things during this.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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Any type of cat, snow milk, piano, and history.

Vagueness, spiciness, numbers and sleeping.

Reading books, playing piano, solving rubik’s cubes fast, and interacting with animals.

Amber, cats, generally animals and nature overall, academia aesthetics and autumn.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• They don't have a distinct fashion style or preference, as they are a child and many of their clothes were picked out by those around them. They just wear whatever's available for them. Both fem and masc clothes are okay!

• Drawing Gin with animals or any miitopia monster would be so neat! Part of their strengths is animal taming so they are able to fight by monster’s sides.


Koralo Kersey

Gintaras admires Koralo heavily. At first they were at a misunderstanding because Koralo thought Gin's closed in behavior around him was fear, but really the latter just admired him and didn't know how to express it. After they resolve things, Koralo offers to train Gin and help them through some of their fears, somewhat like a mentor. They have a very sweet dynamic... except for the fact that Koralo is an irresponsible adult who probably tries to teach the kid swears and celebrates when they say them.

Relationship Trivia
> Koralo likes to ruffle Gin’s hair without thinking whenever he’s proud of them. Gin always ends up looking entirely motivated and sparkly-eyed getting any sort of praise or affection from him.
> Gin probably swore once and Koralo was both horrified and cheering at the same time. He taught him more swears at some point and made him say them to Etoze. Etoze started choking on his drink out of surprise and Giada scolded Koralo for being immature. He’s not a good influence in some ways.

Lehife Arling

Lehife and their wife Xiyu both care for Gintaras as if they were their child, adopting them officially after the events of the story. Lehife in particular worries and dotes on Gin a bunch. She tries to be as understanding and patient as she can with Gin, but is sort of bashful about being seen as a mother figure due to embarrassment. Gin respects Lehife a lot and feels happy to be with them, surprised but not at all upset about realizing this is how actually decent parents are like.

Xiyu Kossi

Xiyu is Gin’s second adopted mother after Lehife. She likes to pamper Gin a lot much like her own parents did for her. After finding out Gin can play the piano, both were able to kindle a strong connection over their love of music. Gin likes being hugged by her since she’s very warm, so they used to try finding subtle ways to ask to avoid asking directly, but eventually gained enough comfort to ask normally.

Reine Ertiz-Aiza

One of Gin's many older brothers. Reine was always Gin's guiding light in the dark. When they ran away, it was Reine who tried his best to support both himself and them as well. It was Reine who taught Gin the piano and who cared for them the most. Although he's passed, Gin is always grateful to have had someone like Reine in his life.

• Gintaras's Zodiac Sign is Taurus, their Enneagram is 6w5, and her MBTI is INFP.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Gintaras is coded to be of Salvadoran ancestry.

• She is inspired by Amber stones. His first name, Gintaras, is a lithuanian originated name meaning "amber". Her middle name, Alfredo, is a Spanish/Italian name meaning "Elf Counselor", it is also a type of pasta. Their first last name, Ertiz, is a name I had come up with no particular meaning. And his second last name, Aiza, is a name of spanish origin meaning "cliff/rock".

• They use (and accidentally mix up) a lot of words that they don’t even know the meaning of accidentally. They know what they wanna say but usually struggles to find the words.

• Gin has dyscalculia, and their ADHD does not help with their forgetfulness with things like deadlines or important dates in particular. Math especially stresses her out a lot because he can never seem to remember how to use certain formulas and such.

• He seems to get along much better with animals rather than people, he believes that people are far too complicated to understand and sometimes he'll even misinterpret his readings of peoples emotions.

• She has a slightly faded scar on her leg, Gin feels embarrassed to talk about it but it's actually just from a splinter he got one time from falling while outdoors.

• He really likes cats. Like. A LOT. If not history books then he likes reading as much as possible about cats and their behaviors and such.

• His interest in history is sort of strange as he doesn't actually comprehend all that he reads. He just likes learning about different people if anything. Maps are also fun to look at even if he doesn't fully understand how to read them anyways. It's probably just the pictures for the most parts that he likes to stare at.

• They learned piano at a young age from their brother, although it was mostly just Gin's brother teaching him random songs by memory rather than teaching sheet music. He really likes to play though, the sound of the piano brings back memories to times with his brother, and she really wants to someday learn how to actually play off sheet music.

• Gin has a really good memory when it comes to envisioning things. This is a bit of curse to him though since they have trouble sleeping at night from envisioning frightening things.

• Her voiceclaim is Casey Mongillo's voice for Allister from Pokémon: Twilight Wings's English Dub.