Reine Ertiz-Aiza NAME
Demiboy GENDER
Homoromantic Asexual SEXUALITY
October 02 (17 y/o) BIRTHDAY
5'7 (171 cm) HEIGHT


Gintaras's late older brother, a compassionate and soft-hearted boy that wanted nothing more than for his sibling to get a kinder future. Everything he did was in essence for both himself and for Gin.

Reine himself could be described as something like an optimist, always hoping and thinking of the best, although not always thinking things through. In a way it did show with his plans to leave home with Gintaras, although he assumed things would always work out in the end. While it didn't really end too well with Reine, Gintaras wants to uphold his dreams and push through for his sake, if nothing else. It's what Reine would've wanted.

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This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is NOT allowed for Reine. Any character interactions with this character must be kept platonic.


Gintaras Ertiz-Aiza

One of Gin's many older brothers. Reine was always Gin's guiding light in the dark. When they ran away, it was Reine who tried his best to support both himself and them as well. It was Reine who taught Gin the piano and who cared for them the most. Although he's passed, Gin is always grateful to have had someone like Reine in his life.

• Reine's Zodiac Sign is Libra.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Reine is coded to be of Salvadoran ancestry.

• His first name, Reine, was intended to be a made-up name with no particular meaning, although it is a real name as well that can mean "Queen" or "Counsel" in french. His first last name, Ertiz, is a name I had come up with no particular meaning. And his second last name, Aiza, is a name of spanish origin meaning "cliff/rock".