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Xīyǔ Habiba Kossi NAME
Girlflux GENDER
February 06 (30 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Instrument Technician | Thief Class OCCUPATION
5'9 (176 cm) HEIGHT


An enigma to those around her, Xiyu is as laid back and calm as can be even in the most stressful situations. While her words might not be the slightest bit coherent, she overall is very warm and light hearted, making her generally easy to be around even if you don’t understand a single thing that comes out of her mouth.

Sure she might have an easy-going teasing attitude, so it might not look like she cares too much about the things that go on, but she actually cares an incredible amount, maybe even more than others usually would. And even with her amiable personality, she’s definitely not to be taken lightly of. She is incredibly skilled at analyzing people and finding their weaknesses, so if you get on her bad side in any way shape or form, she can and she will make you regret it. But as long as you’re not messing with anyone she cares about, you don't have a thing to worry about.


Extremely clever despite the playing dumb part she sometimes shows, Xiyu is very talented at reading people's hearts and reading them like a book. She's also a very determined individual, strong in her values and working hard for her loved ones, even if she doesn't show it. She acts in a very strange manner, to put it lightly. She says things that makes no sense, on purpose to boot, doesn't really let anyone in on her mind and does all sorts of things that are unusual. A peculiar one for sure, who's actions cannot be deciphered by normal means. Don't tell, don't show, that's how Xiyu tends to operate. A professional at hiding her emotions or intentions, Xiyu does not want to be seen or perceived at her core, and is really insecure deep down about herself, or even her lack of self, as she puts it.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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String instruments, psychology, board/card games, and moths.

Cold foods, being in the rain, shallowness and dolls/puppets.

Playing the koto, repairing instruments, playing stimulating games, long talks, and people watching.

Ruby gemstones, lava/fire, red chrysanthemums, and autumn.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Xiyu with Lehife. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• She is slightly inspired by Miitopia’s Magma Slime monster. Her hair drips like lava, becomes longer and turns into an orangish color when she is feeling any intense emotions.

• Her regular fashion sense is a bit more refined and traditional. She doesn't wear anything particularly showy or something that stands out very much though, unlike her class outfit. Simple and sweet is a fair way to put it.


Lucett Caiscada

Calm individuals who are able to sit down and just relax together. Lucett is a spontaneous person, but is able to match Xiyu’s much more lax energy pretty quickly. They’re both the kind of people that aside from interests, they have a lot of miscellaneous random information as well and they just shock each other with their random trivia facts over drinks.

Gintaras Ertiz-Aiza

Lehife and Xiyu both care for Gintaras as if they were their child, adopting them officially after the events of the story. Xiyu likes to pamper Gin a lot much like her own parents did for her. After finding out Gin can play the piano, both were able to kindle a strong connection over their love of music.

Lehife Arling

Xiyu’s wife. They met in Fey when Xiyu had first moved there and got along quickly. Neither had known the other was a partial monster until the two were basically head over heels, and knowing the other was just like them in a sense made them love each other even more. They’re very lowkey and intimate with each other in the sense that they are highly lovey dovey, but only in private with each other, that or they are subtle when in public. Type of couple to have thousands of inside jokes and be able to make the other smile over the most miniscule and random things that no one else would ever understand.

• Xiyu's Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, her Enneagram is 9w1, and her MBTI is ENFP.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Xiyu is coded to be of Chinese, Japanese and Chadian ancestry.

• Xiyu is inspired by Rubies. Her first name, Xīyǔ (曦羽), is a name of Chinese origin, the first character of the name, Xī (曦), meaning "sunlight/sunshine", while the latter character, Yǔ (羽), means "feather/plumes" or "wings". Her middle name, Habiba, is a name of Arabic origin meaning "beloved" or "sweetheart". Her last name, Kossi, is a name of African origin meaning "Sunday" or "born on Sunday".

• She’s a very, very good conversationalist. A talk you would’ve thought to have taken about 5 minutes has now taken 30 minutes or longer without either of you realizing until afterwards.

• Xiyu originally studied psychology for years and worked as a therapist for a long time before her current job as an instrument repairer. Although it's been a while since then, she still has a really good way of noticing things that people don't even know about themselves.

• She likes serious, dark and brooding medias a lot! Analyzing and coming up with theories for shows or books is very stimulating to her, but she also is a painfully huge sucker for basic, dumb slapstick comedies. Duality.

• The range that Xiyu has with the amount of instruments she can play at minimum decently is pretty vast. She's most familiar and skilled at playing the Koto however.

• Xiyu's usual "Hehe" laugh was actually picked up after Lehife's laugh, which the latter pointed out to Xiyu's slight embarrassment.

• Her voiceclaim is Mami Koyama's voice for Vermouth from Detective Conan/Case Closed's Japanese Dub.