Empyreal Light by Eliot Hsu

Lehife Milani Arling NAME
Transfem Demigirl GENDER
December 29 (31 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Archer | Elf (Class) OCCUPATION
5'3 (162 cm) HEIGHT


One of the archer elves training under Fey’s Tulip Division, Lehife is a solemn lady who was taken in by the Retreat at a young age due to… certain circumstances. She’s an excellent listener but doesn’t really seem like the one to talk much herself, never really knowing what to say.

She gives off a stern image, but she’s really just a huge softie on the inside, and is very sentimental and appreciative of those around her. She just finds it difficult to actually express herself, so she looks a lot more unresponsive than she really means to be. And given her serious dedication to her role in the division, and the fact that she’s half-monster, a lot of people tend to be frightened by her and stray away from her. If you do get the chance to look past her initial impressions, she’s one of the sweetest and softest people you’ll ever meet, and so incredibly considerate of those she loves.


They are very sweet underneath, a kind and gentle soul to those that give her the chance to show her actual colors. Despite the solemn and keen attitude she carries, anyone they're close to can attest that they are a big softie on the inside, with so much love in her heart even with very little place to show it. She has a bit of a mature air around her, from both the harsher times of her life but also all the time she spent caring for their siblings. They also tend to be quite sentimental amongst other things, easily getting emotional even though that tends to not to really show given her difficulties with expressing herself. Lehife tends to be quick to jump to assumptions, particularly ones that cause them to distance, like believing someone doesn't like them or is scared of them. She doesn't do well with criticism and tends to take things heavily to heart too, thinking any criticism is meant to be constructive even when its not.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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Tranquility, archery, knitting, and slimes.

Mint, medicine, bright lights and doing chores.

Archery practice, exercise, knitting, and candle making.

Lepidolites, moths, butterflies, forests, nature, alliums and archery.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Lehife with Xiyu. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• Lehife herself and their wings are based on Miitopia’s Poison Moth. She is able to seep poison into their arrows or into things they touch at will. Her “cowlicks" are the same color as the wings.

• Her fashion sense can be pretty much summed up as long flowy dresses and clothes akin to fancy nightgowns. She always has bandages around her arms though no matter what they wear since they're rather insecure about the scars that are on their arms.


Koralo Kersey

Friend. Lehife is appreciative of Koralo for always caring over Gin. And surprisingly Koralo doesn't seem to be the slightest bit bothered or scared by her or her more monstrous features, something she's always felt cursed by in the eyes of others. In fact he finds it rather fascinating and amazing, a response Lehife isn't really used to hearing. She's kind of bashful about it if anything-- but the genuity actually makes them feel a little less insecure about themself.

Gintaras Ertiz-Aiza

Lehife and their wife Xiyu both care for Gintaras as if they were their child, adopting them officially after the events of the story. Lehife in particular worries and dotes on Gin a bunch. She tries to be as understanding and patient as she can with Gin, but is sort of bashful about being seen as a mother figure due to embarrassment. Gin respects Lehife a lot and feels happy to be with them, surprised but not at all upset about realizing this is how actually decent parents are like.

Xiyu Kossi

Lehife’s wife. They met in Fey when Xiyu had first moved there and got along quickly. Neither had known the other was a partial monster until the two were basically head over heels, and knowing the other was just like them in a sense made them love each other even more. They’re very lowkey and intimate with each other in the sense that they are highly lovey dovey, but only in private with each other, that or they are subtle when in public. Type of couple to have thousands of inside jokes and be able to make the other smile over the most miniscule and random things that no one else would ever understand.

Anacre Sabille

A friend and Lehife’s former “boss” of sorts. Anacre was the leader of the division Lehife led, in charge of patrols around the retreat outskirts. Lehife was second in command and got to know Anacre a lot more through work. While she was surprised that a teenager was the one in charge, she quickly grew to respect the fairy as time went on. He reminds Lehife of some of their siblings, and kind of has a soft spot because of that.

• Lehife's Zodiac Sign is Capricorn, their Enneagram is 2w1, and her MBTI is INFJ.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Lehife is coded to be of German ancestry.

• Lehife is inspired by Lepidolites. Their first name, Lehife, is a made up name with no distinct meaning. Her middle name, Milani, is a name of Latin origin meaning "from the middle of the plain". Their last name, Arling, is a name of German origin meaning "Eagle".

• Lehife was the oldest sibling of 9. None of them are biologically related but were all still very closely knit. Being the oldest though, Lehife practically took a role of extra parent to all their siblings. Hapii is her only living sibling as of currently though.

• They have an adopted niece, Anan, who is Hapii's daughter. Realistically when they found out about the adoption they probably cried realizing they were an aunt now.

• She's actually pretty decent at knitting! It used to be something they did for their siblings every now and then. They haven’t done so in a while because of other responsibilities, but occasionally they’ll pick it up and make something for Gin or Xiyu, even Hapii and Anan at times.

• They don't really like doing chores often, despite being used to doing them. To motivate herself though she indulges a lot in buying those cutesy decorations or tools to make it more fulfilling.

• Her voiceclaim is Julie Andrews's voice for Maria Rainer from The Sound of Music's English Dub.