nightbird by Sakuzyo

Lucett Caiscada NAME
Nonbinary GENDER
April 14 (25 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Photographer | Mage Class OCCUPATION
5'1 (156 cm) HEIGHT


Interested in all things fantastical, Lucett is an expert in anything regarding the fields of magic. While they’re very full of energy, things to say and loads of ideas, they can get very bashful and withdrawn when actually noticed and appreciated for what they do.

They kind of struggle a bit with social cues in all honesty, taking things easily at a face value and having a lack of filter when they speak, wearing their heart on their sleeve. Lucett can sort of... come off as rather awkward at times, but the truth is they love people and talking with them and helping them, despite their tendencies to generally stick to only their comfort people. They're a very passionate and strong individual overall, but their overthinking tendencies can slow them down more than they like to admit.


Very creative and dependable both as a teammate and friend. They mean what they say and avoid sugarcoating, giving a very honest opinion that can be trusted wholeheartedly. They genuinely mean the best for those around them with their actions, and are often happy to indulge in whatever others suggest. They can be very chatty at times when it comes to the things they're passionate about. People often come to them when it comes to questions regarding magic but they tend to go on and on that one can lose track of the conversation very easily even if they do give an answer. They overthink a lot to the point they get nervous or they worry whenever they accidentally get a bit too spontaneous or reckless when they're too into the moment. They're also extremely sensitive to any perceived criticism, a trait they really dislike about themself.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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Photography, magic, folklore and cheesecakes.

Failed spells, onions, doing chores and being ignored by others.

Photography, studying magic, scrapbooking, collecting magazines, taking care of their cat, and sorting things to be more organized.

Lapis lazuli gemstone, magic or fantasy, witch/academia aesthetics, books, lightning, rain, and cameras.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Lucett with Giada. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• They are disabled and regularly use a cane. Please keep that in mind and don't remove the cane when drawing them with obvious exceptions for art like headshots and such.


Giada Floros

Lucett's Spouse. Knowing each other for years since childhood, these two have an immense respect and love for one another that can't be torn apart. They often just playfully tease each other and goof off, but they would both protect the other to no end if it came to it and are really in tune with how the other is feeling. Lucett's support was the main drive to why Giada continued her medical studies, and she finds their ramblings to be very charming, even if the other finds it a little embarrassing when they go on and on like that.


Fellow experimentalists! Coming up with new spells and making foods aren’t all that different it seems, and these two having a shared adoration for branching out and creating the new caused them to get along pretty well! Sometimes Agate asks Lucett to test out a magical spell on her food, which can go well at times! Other times though… it leads to a rather disastrous result to put it lightly, and a scolding from the others. They’re also technically family as in-laws.

Xiyu Kossi

Calm individuals who are able to sit down and just relax together. Lucett is a spontaneous person, but is able to match Xiyu’s much more lax energy pretty quickly. They’re both the kind of people that aside from interests, they have a lot of miscellaneous random information as well and they just shock each other with their random trivia facts over drinks.


Lucett's idol. Isleen has always been the reason obsessed with magic. They heard about her at a young age and found her so inspiring that they looked into books upon books on magic. Obviously after meeting her and knowing her more that fan-girling instinct has kind of died down a bit, but they still hold a lot of respect for Isleen for being the one who sparked their love of magic.

• Lucett's Zodiac Sign is Aries, their Enneagram is 5w4, and their MBTI is ISTP.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Lucett is coded to be a black latine of Argentine and Brazilian ancestry.

• They are based off of the Lapis Lazuli gemstone. As for Etymology, Lucett is actually a name I had come up with on the spot since it sounded nice, however it sounds similar to the Latin originated name Lucette, which means "light/illumination". Caiscada is a name I also came up with, derived from the spanish word Cascada meaning "waterfall".

• Lucett has a scrapbook of photos full of memories they and Giada made, but has a small separate pile of photos they have of Giada that they look fondly on a lot when she has to go far for work sometimes

• Despite having a wonderful knack for scrapbooking and sorting things in an aesthetic manner, they’re not very artistically bright when it comes to drawing.

• They’re the strongest in the team, magically speaking. Close behind them are Zaiere, Giada and Opal.

• Lucett has a Bombay cat named Ana, short for Empanada. Amity usually cat-sits her for them while they’re busy, and Ana got a huge reputation amongst the other kids that Amity cares for.

• They have a complicated feeling towards certain people back at home. Some would call their interest in magic silly or useless while growing up since Lucett never excelled in any core learning areas but could recall entire magical histories, so getting to join the team and prove them wrong has been a very cathartic feeling for them.

• They have a lot of books gifted to them about magic history and other related topics, and they would love to read all of them but motivation has basically caused them to let the books collect dust. They always tell themself they’ll read it at some point… but who knows if they actually will.

• Their voiceclaim is Mauro Castillo's voice for Félix Madrigal from Encanto's Latin American Spanish Dub.