Carnation by himmel

Giada Sierra Floros NAME
Genderfluid GENDER
Demiromantic Bisexual SEXUALITY
June 12 (25 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Physician | Cleric (Class) OCCUPATION
6'0 (184 cm) HEIGHT


The local doctor in a small town in Greenhorne. With her (usually...) mature and kind personality, many often rely on Giada when advice or support is needed in any way. And she’s always happy to help! Seeing that her efforts actually help others and brings a smile to their faces makes her incredibly happy, and pushes her to continue doing what he can for his community and teammates.

She’s stubborn enough not to give up on anyone in need of help no matter what, her patience level and her heart is just that big, or rather-- to some degree he feels a sense of personal accomplishment and validity in being of service to others. Sometimes though they fail to recognize that there are issues that even they can’t deal with though, so she often gets frustrated with themself when things don’t work out like they had hoped it would. But if there's anything Giada knows best, it's persistence-- and depending on who you ask, that is considered both his best trait and his worst trait.


She is a rather spirited yet kind individual. They have a bit of a nurturing nature when it comes to taking care of others, and is able to calm down a tense situation. A natural voice of reason in the group and excellent at asserting themself and easing down things when needed. They also can be a little cheeky and teases those closer to him. Her humor is rather good, although she can go a bit far without realizing. They're a good actor as well, with a tendency to put on a innocent act at times to garner sympathy sometimes. He'll easily get frustrated when things aren't going right though. Her buttons are a bit easy to push and she especially hates being rejected when she tries to help someone or fails to help someone. Stubborn to a fault in that sense since he fails to give up on someone even if they don't want their help.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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Embroidery, telenovelas, spicy food, and being needed or helpful.

Cooking, pricking herself during embroidery, eating any type of meat, and being ignored by others.

Embroidery, tapestry making, writing, dancing, cleaning, and gossip

Jadeite gemstone, the color green, aloe veras, the earth, and healing/medicine.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Giada with Lucett. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• He sometimes likes indulging in wearing makeup. They also like wearing suits and jumpsuits as well! Feel free to mess around with clothes. He's an experimentalist at heart and likes most kinds of outfits.


Lucett Caiscada

Giada's Spouse. Knowing each other for years since childhood, these two have an immense respect and love for one another that can't be torn apart. They often just playfully tease each other and goof off, but they would both protect the other to no end if it came to it and are really in tune with how the other is feeling. Lucett's support was the main drive to why Giada continued her medical studies, and she finds their ramblings to be very charming, even if the other finds it a little embarrassing when they go on and on like that.

Etoze Floros

Giada's Twin. They were seperated as kids because of their complicated family situation, but to their surprise found each other again through joining the team. They have a lot of silly sibling banter and tease each other far too much most of the time. Deep inside though they missed each other far too much, and even if it was never her fault, Giada sometimes wishes she could've done something back then to help Etoze. Because of that feeling, he's been wanting to spend as much time together to make up for all their lost time and do anything to support him.

Relationship Trivia
> They like to watch shitty rom-coms or sit-coms for fun sometimes. They say it’s ironically, but they get incredibly invested and into the plots and characters far more than they’d like to admit. If you asked them they’d be like "oh my god it’s so bad I don’t even know why we’re watching it" but then you walk in to them watching and they’re sniffling and blowing their noses on their 5th box of tissues that day.
> Sometimes they like to sing together. It's particularly comforting when they're far from home, since it often reminds them of the times the two of them would sing together with their mother as kids. Though Giada isn't as confident with their voice, Etoze is very encouraging, which kind of quells her anxieties a bit.

Dar Eckstein

A close friend. They both tend to be helper-types albeit for differing reasons, so they usually end up having this chain of "let me do this for you!" to repay each other for deeds. As a doctor though, sometimes Giada worries for their wellbeing since Dar tends to go overboard with wanting to help people and lacks the capacity to focus on themself. They also both love to indulge in visual art, Dar with drawing and Giada with embroidery and are somewhat of supporters to one another.

Urho Ailis-Soro

Friends. Giada never really looked down on Urho despite his tainted reputation, since that wasn't something entirely in his control anyways. She often frequents his workplace since she really likes the food they sell, so more than enough times they'll chat for a bit. She knows his heart is in the right place despite how high-strung he is, and sometimes gives him advice on certain matters. Urho appreciates the lack of judgement and sometimes drops by their clinic to bring baked goods as a sign of appreciation. They're generally on pretty good terms overall.

• Giada's Zodiac Sign is Gemini, her Enneagram is 2w1, and his MBTI is ESFJ.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Giada is coded to be mixed with Cuban, Salvadoran and Egyptian ancestry.

• Giada is inspired by the Jadeite gemstone. Their first name, Giada, is a name of italian/spanish origin meaning "(precious stone) jade". Her middle name, Sierra, is a spanish originated name meaning "mountain range/saw". And his last name, Floros, is a name derived from the greek word for "greenfinch".

• He really loves working with looms, especially since it was something her mother taught her. Tapestry is her favorite kind to make.

• Adding on, she honestly isn’t that good at all with looms, but it’s nice to sort of unwind and relax making weavings of whatever he feels like making at the moment especially when they’re feeling particularly homesick.

• They're very organized which is beneficial for her, awful for others. She will randomly pick up and clean everyone’s mess until it fits his standards of cleanliness. This means basically reorganizing the house and moving people’s things without asking them, to which they all end up extremely confused at where all their stuff went.

• She only just figured out her gender identity as a genderfluid person during the time traveling with the team, so he's still trying to get some kind of grasp of what he feels comfy with in terms of being called things and their own expression. For now they've settled with just going with the flow though and testing waters.

• He usually fiddles with his hair or with something in his hands, not because she's nervous but because she's often bored or understimulated.

• Their voiceclaim is Carolina Gaitán's voice for Pepa Madrigal from Encanto's Latin American Spanish Dub.