Ensemble Curtain Fall by Ayatsugu_Otowa

Etoze Marion Floros NAME
Trans Man GENDER
Demisexual Gay SEXUALITY
June 12 (25 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Musician | Popstar (Class) OCCUPATION
5'11 (181 cm) HEIGHT


Ever the flirt and always smooth talking his way in any situation, this talented musician from Neksdor is quite the charmer at first glance. While he’s musician Etoze Floros by morning, with a voice of gold, at night he goes around stealing from the rich and giving to those in need as the so-called Phantom Thief Nephrite.

While he actually is by far one of the more clever in the team in terms of street smarts and overall handiness, he also acts quite impulsively, leading to chaos. He usually gives off the impression of knowing what he’s doing, but he probably gets his shawl stuck in the door more times than he’s made successful heists. As many sarcastic and tired remarks as he makes though, he cares incredibly much for others and often puts himself in danger just to ensure they’re okay. And well— his methods are a bit unorthodox at best, but he is one of the most thoughtful and well-meaning amongst his peers.


He's quite the charmer, and a good sweet-talker too. He comes off as a delight to be around and is also extremely caring, even though it seems he only cares for himself with his over the top personality. He's also very observant, mostly seen through how he comments on those around him a lot. Sometimes his humor comes off as a bit dry or even sarcastic, and when he's dropping the flirty suave attitude he carries he seems a bit low-energy in his behavior overall. His methods although successful, can also be quite contentious in hindsight even if he means well. He's extremely distant from those around him and is a bit irritable too. Even though he seems so amiable, Etoze keeps his relationships at an arms length, and most of his extroverted personality is a facade to keep those relationships far away from his heart.

This section discusses topics that may be distressing, including: mentions and/or implications of (insert warnings). This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

Etoze and his twin Giada were born in Neksdor with a mother from Neksdor and a father from Greenhorne. His father was a crude, selfish individual who often mistreated Etoze and his family, so the two siblings found themselves having to walk around eggshells for him often. They always did tasks around the house for him too, more like servants rather than children. Eventually, tense circumstances in the household led to his mother taking Giada to flee to Greenhorne, unable to take Etoze with her. This change caused his father to treat Etoze more harshly, yet because he also had the tendency to dote on him, Etoze never really believed at first what he went through was unusual or harmful. He cared for yet feared his father, and it did nothing but pain him over the years. One day though, Etoze saw a performance by a group of musicians at the Auremous Plaza during a trip to the store. Out of curiosity- or as an act of rebellion since his father didn't know, he began visiting the plaza afterwards, enthralled by the warmth and comfort their music gave off. It was nothing he'd ever seen before. He soon fell in love with music.

As he grew older and got to befriend the musicians circle, Etoze was taught music, allowed to explore his identity, and for the first time, he started feeling like he was actually in control of his life. Admist these escapades though, his father started to pressure him to marry into a certain rich family he had his eye on. Etoze of course detested this idea, and out of stress and fear began frequenting the plaza far more often for comfort, not covering his tracks up at all in the process. Etoze's father soon caught wind of what has been happening, and yelled out the musicians for "negatively" influencing his child among other things. Etoze was prohibited from visiting the plaza, and going out alone. He couldn't stand being at home for any longer though, and after a long period of time he planned an escape to leave his home once and for all. He prepped his belongings, picked a day, and finally was ready to leave-- until he wound up caught by his father in the act. He panicked, and in the struggle he attacked his father, scrambling with his belongings and running. He ran and ran and ran until he reached the musicians circle in tears and entirely incomprehensible. They took him in, no question's asked. Not that they needed to ask regardless-- as Etoze's father never returned for him.

Any genre of music, particularly jazz, doner kebabs, the plaza, and birds, particularly budgies and fairywrens.

People arguing, tres leches cake, restrictions, and his dad.

Guitar playing, singing, writing music, playing cards, and collecting guitar picks.

Nephrite stones, music, guitars, cards, lilac roses, succulents, and birds, specifically budgerigars.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Etoze with Zaiere. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• He usually wears a shawl or something that covers his upper body in some way when not in his magical outfit. He mostly likes fashionable yet comfy to wear clothes of almost any style, but adamantly refuses to wear anything feminine. TLDR; Fem clothes are a no-go. Do not draw him in anything fem-leaning please.


Giada Floros

Etoze's Twin. They were seperated as kids because of their complicated family situation, but to their surprise found each other again through joining the team. They have a lot of silly sibling banter and tease each other far too much most of the time. Deep inside though they missed each other far too much, and even if it was never his fault, Etoze feels a bit of guilt for the resentment he held for his mother and even Giada to an extent because of their father's actions. Sometimes he wonders how Giada was kind enough to forgive him for everything and still invite him back home with them.

Relationship Trivia
> They like to watch shitty rom-coms or sit-coms for fun sometimes. They say it’s ironically, but they get incredibly invested and into the plots and characters far more than they’d like to admit. If you asked them they’d be like "oh my god it’s so bad I don’t even know why we’re watching it" but then you walk in to them watching and they’re sniffling and blowing their noses on their 5th box of tissues that day.
> Sometimes they like to sing together. It's particularly comforting when they're far from home, since it often reminds them of the times the two of them would sing together with their mother as kids. Though Giada isn't as confident with their voice, Etoze is very encouraging, which kind of quells her anxieties a bit.


Significant Other. Etoze was one of the first to crack the walls Zaiere put up, and these two probably never expected to get as close as they ended up being, especially given their initial rough start. As much as Zaiere gives "scoffs" over Etoze and his over the top flirtatious personality, he knows Zaiere appreciates him a lot, and the feeling there is mutual. Etoze is glad to have Zaiere by his side, and actually be able to trust someone wholeheartedly for once. They both feel safe to be honest and transparent with each other in a way they don't feel they can otherwise.

Relationship Trivia
> When the two had first met, and hadn’t gotten along— Etoze referred to Zaiere as "my Prince" as a somewhat rude formality. When they had gotten closer, it ended up becoming a playful/joking nickname. Now it's both of their favorite petnames for Etoze to call Zaiere.
> Sometimes Etoze talks about random dark aspects of his childhood and things he experienced like they're not that big of a deal, even talking about them like they're funny stories. Every time without fail Zaiere is just completely thrown off and Etoze just has to sit there processing it as he's talking to realize "damn, now that I'm saying that out loud that actually is kind of fucked up haha."


A rather chaotic and surprising adoptive father-child duo. At first Etoze had been very fed up with Agate's pranks and such, and in a way he still is! But he's grown to really care about her a whole lot, and accidentally... took him under his wing somehow. They still end up in silly bickering and situations due to Agate still testing her pranks out on him, but deep down the two are like family, and though they don't admit it-- care for each other a whole lot.

Relationship Trivia
> One time Agate watched him play guitar and asked if she could play. When he picked up the guitar he had the most horrific playing that Etoze had to snatch it back almost immediately.
> They definitely lie at restaurants that it’s one if their birthdays. They’ll be sitting at their table and Agate will act like an overly excited child loudly exclaiming things hinting at a birthday so the workers can overhear and "surprise" them with free cake.
> Agate isn’t the best at processing her guilt since she often doesn’t feel much responsibility for her actions. This being said he was especially quiet and unnaturally down when it came to accidentally burning Etoze once in Karkaton. He’d spend a lot of time by Etoze’s side in silence out of not knowing what to say. Etoze thought it was awkward as hell because he didn’t really hold it much against him, even though he kind of appreciated the sentiment.
> Agate loves dragging Etoze into watching those competitive cooking shows. They end up picking a contestant each to root for and get frustrated like hell when the judges vote their contestant out. Agate often picks the one who wins somehow, he calls it "chef’s instinct" but chances are he probably watched the episode in private and went all the way to the end to see who wins.

Morgiana Hassoun

A close friend. They met through one of her street performances that Etoze's musician circle had helped with, and they got along very well. Etoze didn't have many friends outside of the musician circle, and even then he considered those people family. He had many acquaintances but not one did he let in. Morgiana was sort of an exception to that though. He was probably an exception for her too. They don't particularly talk much now since Etoze left to travel with Opal, but the two still know they have the other rooting for them no matter how much time passes.

• Etoze's Zodiac Sign is Gemini, his Enneagram is 8w7, and his MBTI is ESTJ.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Etoze is coded to be of Cuban, Salvadoran and Egyptian ancestry.

• Etoze is inspired by the Nephrite gemstone. His first name, Etoze, is a name I created randomly with no distinct meaning. His middle name, Marion, is an English/French originated name with many meanings, ranging from "star of the sea", "wished-for child", "rebellion", "beloved" and "bitter". And his last name, Floros, is a name derived from the greek word for "greenfinch".

• His name, Etoze, was a name he picked out because it was the name of his all-time favorite musician. His thief pseudonym on the other hand, Nephrite, was randomly picked because he just thought it sounded mysterious and interesting.

• Etoze is pretty tolerant of most kinds of musical genres, and isn’t particularly picky for whatever music is being played by others. However if he’s given the choice he’d most definitely blast jazz music for the whole day and make it everyone’s problem.

• ABSOLUTELY the type to sing in the shower. On the bright side he is obviously a delight to listen to but on the not-so-bright side he showers at ungodly late times, meaning you’ll hear him sing his heart out first thing in the morning.

• Etoze was genuinely surprised when he was assigned to being a popstar class rather than a thief class, since he probably did stealing for others more than he had the time to develop his musical career. It actually makes him happier than he could even describe though. His magical class chose his dreams over what he was forced to do.

• He’s usually never seen without his signature purple shawl or some sort of thing to cover himself. He says it makes him "look cool". In actuality it’s a very sentimental gift for him from his found family, and he also feels rather insecure about himself when he’s not wearing it.

• His voiceclaim is Adrián Barba's voice for Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Latin American Spanish Dub.