Arylia Axio Zielke NAME
November 27 (7 y/o) BIRTHDAY
4'3 (131 cm) HEIGHT


A lively and whimsical young lad, and Arylsos's younger brother. Arylia was a cheeky one for sure, very observant of others and like some kids tend to be, the type to voice out observations that are too overly blunt and honest yet not realizing that.

Nothing could really slip by Arylia even if you tried to hide it, some would even say his eyes were as keen as those of the Owlets in the forest. Although Arylia liked to spend a lot of time out playing with the other kids in the Retreat, Arylsos seemed to disapprove and try to keep him within the forest's walls, especially whenever people tended to get suspicious of them in the Retreat. For as long as Arylia has lived, he had never seemed to understand why this was though.

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• Ship artwork is NOT allowed for Arylia. Any character interactions with this character must be kept platonic.

• He has elf-like ears! He also has a very very tiny set of owl wings, they don't necessarily work, but he has them and hides them underneath capes.


Arylsos Zielke

Arylia's older sister. Arylsos was quite protective over Arylia, given that neither grew up with their parents. They only had each other, but Arylia was always the happiest thanks to his older sister. Arylsos was very heavily affected by Arylia's eventual passing, and internally holds a lot of guilt over not watching him close enough.

Inacre Sabille

If Arylia had survived, the two would be the same age right now. They were childhood friends, in some sense. They mostly just had a connection because their older siblings were friends, but Inacre thought Arylia was always very nice. The two would spend a lot of time near the forest, mostly in Lotus Lake since Arylia loved the frogs. Inacre often thinks of him whenever they see the frogs there.

Enacre Sabille

Arylia only really know Enacre from anything Arylsos told him about them. He thought she was really nice, and he was happy to see how delighted Arylsos was whenever the two got the chance to hang out. Despite Arylsos's avoidance of Enacre now, the fairy often visits the forest to offer tributes for Arylia out of respect. Although perhaps there's a bit of guilt in there as well.

Sugi Imao

A funny character. Sugi was also someone Arylia only knew through connections. Sometimes she'd spend time with Arylsos and Enacre together, although Arylsos stuck to Enacre like glue and was reluctant to talk with anyone else-- so Sugi would talk to Arylia now and then too. She was very good at keeping him entertained, so he always ran to her immediately whenever Arylsos met up with the two.

• Arylia's Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Arylia is coded to be of German ancestry.

• His first name, Arylia, is a made-up name with no distinct origin, meant to match his sister Arylsos's name. His middle name, Axio, comes from the greek word Axia, meaning "value" or "quality". His last name, Zielke, is a name of german origin that means "boundary", although it can also mean "one who sells cabbages".

• Arylia, alongside Notadyr, Tóngrán, Alsagos, Yveneia, Hamdi, and Juma were all originally supposed to simultaneously be the Reborns together in Oryktopia. Each represented a deadly sin, although that concept was scrapped due to being cluttered and each character was repurposed or in Juma's case, slotted into another story entirely.