Arylsos Cato Zielke NAME
Verasan Elf SPECIES
Demigirl GENDER
April 17 (24 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Keeper of the Forest OCCUPATION
5'6 (169 cm) HEIGHT


Deep in the Realm of the Fey lies the vast Bigg Forests, former home to many Verasans who took residence here in the past. Covered with monsters as far as the eye can see, one Verasan continues to live here and persist nonetheless.

Arylsos is the keeper of the forest, and Enacre's former friend. They are a very keen yet level-headed person who cares for all of the monsters in the forest, and despite their harboring grudge against Enacre and the rest of the retreat, they (somewhat reluctantly) agree to keeping things in order in the forest, since the Fairies don't have much knowledge or capabilities of managing the area. Other than this, they like to fancy themself an enigma, and don't really come out often for many to know much about them.

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• Ship artwork is allowed for Arylsos with Enacre. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• They have owl wings as well as elf ears! Their wings are similar to that of barn owls if you do plan on drawing them, but you don't have to draw the wings at all if you don't want.


Arylia Zielke

Arylsos's younger brother. Arylsos was quite protective over Arylia, given that neither grew up with their parents. They only had each other, but Arylia was always the happiest thanks to his older sister. Arylsos was very heavily affected by Arylia's eventual passing, and internally holds a lot of guilt over not watching him close enough.

Enacre Sabille

The two were as close as can be as kids. Arylsos admired Enacre, adored them, loved them. Their very first friend, Arylsos would cling to Enacre like glue. Not that the other minded. They genuinely enjoyed being around each other a lot, it was a shame what had happened in the end between them-- Enacre wishes she had handled things differently, and heavily desires to reconcile someday with them.

Sugi Imao

Mixed feelings. They really only knew each other through mutual friendship with Enacre. Arylsos didn't make much of an effort to befriend and talk to Sugi, although they felt grateful for her too. Sugi saw right through them and Arylia, but despite that made an effort to entertain Arylia and protect their secret. Perhaps under the right circumstances they could actually be friends?

Inacre Sabille

Another person Arylsos didn't interact with much albeit being grateful for. Inacre would play often with Arylia and keep him company, so Arylsos held no sort of ill will towards him at all, even after all that happened. The fairy on the other hand only really feels remorse over Arylsos and their situation.

• Arylsos's Zodiac Sign is Aries.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Arylsos is coded to be of German ancestry.

• Arylsos is based on Citrine. Their first name, Arylsos, is a made up name with no distinct origin, although their brother Arylia's name was made to match theirs. Their last name, Zielke, is a name of german origin that means "boundary", although it can also mean "one who sells cabbages".

• They were written to be very heavily antagonistic originally, although it didn't fit the vibe of the story so that idea was mostly scrapped for placing them in a different kind of role instead.