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--> WELCOME to the Schel Seashore! My name is Schel, and I'm a queer latino artist who enjoys sharks, miitopia, and rpgmakers! This site is a cozy home away from home to fill up with the things I enjoy or with the various works I make. Stay as long as you like, and I hope you enjoy your time here! Thank you so much for visiting :]

• Complete a decent amount of character pages/artwork

• Make shrines for certain interests or characters

• Layout changes all around !!


• TERFs and Proshippers will not be welcome here or on my socials. I won't interact with you for my own sake.

• Any artwork of my characters may not be used without explicit permission.

• I don't mind being contacted on here or socials for any matter.


03.14.24 - All pages except individual character pages now have been revamped! Will now be focusing more attention on character pages once more.

03.12.24 - A LOT!! Site is getting a major layout change that will be modified over the next couple of updates. So far, only the index page has this new layout.

11.17.23 - Reworking the character area to seperate stories into different site pages for each one!! The character page itself instead has an alphabetical list of every character with a filtering system attached. It also has links to each seperate story page which I plan on adding casts to and writing story lore in!

10.24.23 - Filling out some character profiles! Mainly getting info down, but images haven't been added yet. Please be patient as I fill and figure things out.

08.27.23 - Added a credits section on the index page! Most of my credits are scattered accordingly on my site and I'll probably keep those credits in place, however this credit section is to have it in one spot for organization mainly.

07.29.23 - Changed the site layout again!! Updated every single page again to suit the layout! Also moved some things around like the things to note tab from the about page to the index page.

07.20.23 - Moved some things around such as the guestbook, added fanlistings and webrings section in the Misc. tab. General clean-up stuff basically!

07.15.23 - SITE IS NOW SET UP!! Fixed the layout for About Me, Gallery, Characters, Store and the Misc. section! All pages except for the Store page have content in them.

06.06.23 - Site Creation Date!! Site Birth!! Yippee!!