Welcome To The Schel Shack!

Hello there!! I go by Schel or Sterling, and thank you for checking out my little corner! This site serves as a catch-all or redirection hub for any of my works, socials, etc. It also includes my commission page, and even character information wowie! There is a lot, but I hope you enjoy your stay here! Have a wonderful day!

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- Sites Base Layout: Eggramen.

- Character Page Layouts: Tessisamess.

- Music Player Code: Scmplayer.

- Miku Cover of Yasahii Suisei in the Music Player: Atony JY.

- Miku Cover of Kaibutsu in the Music Player: Atony JY.

Things to Note

- Quickly adding this tidbit for anyone who needs to see one of these to interact, I don't really have a concrete DNI list. Just know that terfs and proshippers are never welcome near me. I also block as I please for my sake or for yours^^

- I have been diagnosed with ADHD! I may be slow with replies or even get distracted and forget to reply. My executive dysfunction doesn't really do much in my favor, so please be patient with me, thank you!

- You're free to dm me on socials or generally anywhere for anything! Permission to use my art, sending me a silly thing or just idle chitchat! I'd love to talk to you if you want to! Or even re-talking if we've talked before and haven't talked since, I don't mind and you aren't bothering me whatsoever :D

To-Do List

- Create a character page for at least one character

- Adding a functional music player somewhere

- Making shrines for certain interests, primarily Miitopia

- Actually updating and figuring out the store/commissions page

- Draw more finished/polished art for the art gallery!

Site Update Log

08.27.23 - Added a credits section on the index page! Most of my credits are scattered accordingly on my site and I'll probably keep those credits in place, however this credit section is to have it in one spot for organization mainly.

08.27.23 - Remodeled the blinkies color wise and to be static to avoid eyestrain. Changed the character page layout, starting to add blinkies to character pages to redirect to toyhouse/artfight pages.

07.29.23 - Changed the site layout again!! Updated every single page again to suit the layout! Also moved some things around like the things to note tab from the about page to the index page.

07.21.23 - Altered guestbook layout colors, also altered the layout of the character tab to be neater! Very happy with the result and hoping to add more characters soon :D

07.20.23 - Moved some things around such as the guestbook, added fanlistings and webrings section in the Misc. tab. General clean-up stuff basically!

07.15.23 - SITE IS NOW LIVE!! Fixed the layout for About Me, Gallery, Characters, Store and the Misc. section! All pages except for the Store page have content in them.

07.14.23 - Changed the site layout into a different one than the original. Updated the index page to fit this new layout. Planning to change the rest sometime as well.

06.08.23 - Made a basic layout, added different sections and pages, mostly a blank slate for now until I add more info and images! :D

06.06.23 - Site Creation Date!! Site Birth!! Yippee!!