This contains two parts, the first portion being my Unsorted characters. These are characters that simply are not part of one of my 5 Main Works tm. They aren't in a big enough story to warrant making a full dedicated page, but might still have lots of lore of their own whether they're original or a fan character of some sort.

The second portion being in the Koncha section. These are a collection of 5 seperate works owned by my sister, K0nfette. I assist in minor co-writing and development and have ownership over only a few of the characters, so they will be grouped in the same tab. Unlike my own works, I don't intend on writing the worldbuilding and storylines for these works either, so for more info refer to her page.

Not in any big story, may have lore of their own or may just be a pretty design with nothing else.
Vermillion Panacea
In a 1900s Italy dominated by shades of red, Emii investigates the enigmatic intentions of the Gifted (cyptids and urban legends) as a detective, all while seeking bigger answers about a mysterious Cerulean gem.

Solstitial Cygnus
In little Reuya, Russia, Audette meets a soldier named Artemii, an angel who vows to protect her from demons. Unbeknownst to him, Audette is a half-demon.

Dioscuric Carambola
Middle schooler Peppin Angert is known for her short temper and a tendency to carry a baseball bat around, but many do not know she‘s a vessel to a heroine called Carambola within her. It seems like those in Peppin’s life already know Carambola from years ago, but the reason is a secret the starfruit themed girl refuses to share just yet...

Garden of Alruuna
Novice florist Elodie Illes inherits her late grandfather's home/shop and soon learns that she isn't the only one living there.

Lovesick Anathema
Gingko is a Chinese/Japanese woman who has been able to see spirits since she was a child living in her family’s religious temple. Despite an upbringing plagued by the supernatural and many negative family members, she was able to marry her high school girlfriend, Ijus. When Ijus opens one of Pandora’s boxes during a visit back home, getting spirited away, Gingko is dragged into the world of ghosts, deities, and more just to reunite with her wife.