Lower One's Eyes by Lanndo
Instrumental Ver.

Lilis Ganymede Kiche NAME
Trans Man GENDER
Homosexual SEXUALITY
November 11 (20 y/o) BIRTHDAY
Historian...? OCCUPATION
5'6 (167 cm) HEIGHT


Rolynn's long-time friend, and a dependable young historian from the big city. Lilis is known to keep in high spirits normally, and has a curious mind willing to dig deep to find the unknown answers he looks for.

Though he acts as a rather mischievous and easygoing individual, he always keeps his head in the game, looking directly forward towards his goals. He can actually be quite serious when he needs to be as well, with great conviction and certainty in his beliefs, maybe scarily so. He also has a tendency to joke at times, many times at his own expense, but sometimes it doesn't seem like his lighthearted personality is all there is to him though.

This section is a WIP and will be updated at some point!

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History, cats, soft peppermint puffs, fancy clothing, Rolynn.

Slugs, getting dirty, making mistakes, asparagus, himself.

Notetaking/researching random topics, singing, making clothes, playing with cats.

Pisco wine, fans, angels, cards, diamonds, light/day.

This applies to all my characters unless specified otherwise: i am NOT comfortable with any nudity/nsfw/fetish art, heavily altered skin tones, body types, or hair textures, very heavy gore/body horror or genderbends of any of my characters whether they are an adult or minor. Any character specific rules or notes will be listed below this for whichever character you're looking at. Thank you!

• Ship artwork is allowed for Lilis with Rolynn. More information on their dynamic can be found in their relationship tab.

• He menacing as HELL. He's usually being a silly goofy lighthearted guy, but when he's angry he smiles calmly that it's honestly scary as hell. And then when he's genuinely serious his expression just dulls entirely with a dead-pan stare.

• The fans he carries arent only for show, he uses them as his weapon of choice.


Rolynn Escalon

Childhood friends that found each other again to search out an ancient artifact. Lilis feels the most safe, most himself when he is with Rolynn. There is a trust between them that words cannot fully capture, but as long as he has Rolynn then nothing else matters. Not… that he'd ever have the courage to tell him that to it’s face, of course.

Pina Streyas

Lilis thinks Pina is like a ray of sunshine. Star finds Lilis unsettling in some ways, but doesn’t ever touch on that, finding him delightful otherwise. They both share that sentiment probably, getting along with their uplifting personalities but probably thinking internally "jeez this person’s a weirdo thank god im the normal one of us two" towards the other. Respectfully, they’re both weirdos in their own ways and should never change that.

Erazz Citrié

They both come from upbringings where they were pampered, but somehow ended up so different from each other. Erazz thinks Lilis is too carefree, and Lilis thinks Erazz can be a bit of a drag to the vibe of the group. Lilis tries not to bother her though, he does understand their social fears at the very least. They’re both a little petty to each other in all honesty sometimes, but try to keep it civil because they’re guildmates after all. There’s no room for them to be at odds all the time.

• Lilis's Zodiac Sign is Scorpio.

• Although the story takes place in a fictional setting, Lilis is coded to be of Greek/Portuguese ancestry.

• Lilis is inspired by the Pisco wine. His first name, Lilis, is a made-up name with no distinct meaning. His middle name, Ganymede, is a name of Greek origin with multiple meanings and connotations. The primary meaning is "glad" although it can mean "cunning", "to plan" or "cup-bearer of the gods". His last name, Kiche, is also a made-up name with no distinct meaning.

• His eyes are supposed to be the same color as Rolynn's character color. Rolynn also shares this same quality, having the same color eyes as Lilis's character color.

• His voiceclaim is Robbie Daymond's voice for Goro Akechi from Persona 5.